SCREWHEAD the hand-painted model, AI droid


From the desk of Craig Snodgrass, meet an autonomous discovery droid nicknamed “Screwhead”! Screwhead stands approximately 3" tall and is hand-painted. 

The story of Screwhead: In the Last Age of Man SKWHD ‘bots were launched into space as probes to explore dangerous environments, perform reconnaissance, collect samples etc. FUN FACT: Due to a bug in the AI some models would occasionally develop an attachment to the environmental samples they collected. About half of the “Screwhead” models would return from their 5 year deep space deployments with a rock, bit of fungus or space-junk that they seemed to regard as “pet”. Getting the robot to relinquish the sample was often impossible without powering down the unit and wiping their memory banks. For some reason, as yet unknown, the “Screwhead” models all called their “pets” by the same name - “Duppy”.

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