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From the desk of Craig Snodgrass, meet ATOC! Standing at approximately 3" tall, you'll love this cute hand-painted robot! 

Here's the story of ATOC: "THE GUIDE” It was during the revival of silver production in darkest Peru in the year 1759 that an ageing and misguided explorer (though some say grifter) setup camp at the base of the Andes. Ulysses Alfred Mallory had been at the explorer game most his life and though spending a great deal of other people’s money had little to show for it, for the exception of spreading a great deal of germs to indigenous cultures throughout the world. Little did Ulysses know he would be responsible for unleashing a virus unlike any other the world had ever known. Closing in on 50 years of age Ulysses stared up at the grandeur of what the natives called Huascarán. “There.” he thought, staring at the peak. “There is where I’ll find the solution to all my problems.” Ulysses hoped to find a silver seam to help right a lot of wrongs he’d made in his checkered past.

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