ObscurO Jewelry Serpent Ring Brass


"Around the globe, the serpent carries potent symbolism. In ancient Greece and Egypt and indigenous North America, snakes symbolize fertility, rebirth, renewal and even immortality. Snakes in mythology: Snakes were regularly regarded as guardians of the Underworld or messengers between the Upper and Lower worlds because they lived in cracks and holes in the ground. The Gorgons of Greek myth were snake-women (a common hybrid) whose gaze would turn flesh into stone, the most famous of them being Medusa."

Serpent rings are one-of-a-kind and may vary in appearance.

These are adjustable. Give us a call at 804-335-0861 or send us an email at shopmedianoche@gmail.com if you have questions about sizing. 

Designed and created in Richmond, VA by ObscurO Jewelry. 

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