Sold Out

From the desk of Craig Snodgrass - introducing Hoovah, the hand-painted, mobile air purifier and vacuum cleaner robot! Hoovah stands at approximately 3” tall made of solid resin and hand-painted. 

The story of Hoovah: During the 3rd Corporate Wars most of the warfare that took place involved swarms of nano-bots floating around in the air. Ya see - these nano-bots might be programmed to, say, make a particular brand of bread mold faster than the other brand. As with any conflict it soon escalated, with every corporation programing and releasing their own invisible armies to protect their own products and sabotage others. These invisible swarms fought to the death around us. One by-product of the combat was massive piles off soot - the carcasses of millions of destroyed nano-bots. And this soot was frickin’ everywhere man. PILES OF IT. In the streets, in your house, in the kitchen cupboard. Enter Nile Corp and Edi-tech with the solution! A mobile air purifier and vacuum cleaner that never sleeps! 

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