Maven Made Immunity Boost Roll-On


Give your immune system some love with this natural topical roll-on blend to help clear sinuses, strengthen the respiratory system, and boost healthier overall immune function. 

TEA TREE* highly antibacterial, clears bronchial congestion and fights infection

ROSEMARY* increases circulation and relieves joint or muscular pain

EUCALYPTUS* clears head colds, eases exhaustion and stimulates immune function

ORANGE* combats cold and flu symptoms

FRANKINCENSE* relieves bronchial congestion and strengthens immunity

GRAPESEED* antioxidant-rich carrier oil

*certified organic | all ingredients are 100% plant-based

Roll directly on chest, temples, or bottoms of feet or unscrew the roller top to add a few drops to hot water for a steam bowl inhalation.  If pregnant, please contact your healthcare provider before using it.

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