Taylor Made Organics Skin Salve


This organic & therapeutic salve is made with skin-soothing and replenishing herbs. It is the perfect treatment for dry, chapped lips and skin. This salve also works great on diaper rashes, itchy bottoms, insect bites and stings, burns, and even stretch marks. 

Made with comfrey root, calendula flowers, beeswax, and lavender oil 


Using a spatula, dip out a small amount and apply it to the affected area. Apply as needed.

This statement is not intended to treat the area and has not been evaluated by the FDA. calendula*, comfrey*, plantain*, and st. john's wort* infused in olive* and sunflower* oils, raw unprocessed beeswax, coconut oil*, shea butter*, and lavender essential oil Paraben | Glycol | Phthalate Free

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